kwongela v. 1increase; add to Mu mukubi ghwa nyama wongelemu kisula. Add salt in the meat sauce. Ebi aabu̱ghi̱ye kwongeleja ha ebi asangu̱u̱we abu̱ghi̱ye kyaleki̱ye musango ghwamu̱si̱nga. What he has said in addition to what he said first he has proved him guilty of the case. [, much], [ to something], [ a larger degree], [], [8.2Big], [], [] 2rise in emotion [], [3.4Emotion], [] 3play loud music [4.2.6Entertainment, recreation], [ music], [ music], [4.2.7Play, fun]

kweyongela v. 1continue [], [8.4.7Continue, persevere], [ long time], [ forward], [] 2expand; enlarge, get bigger Syn:ku̱bhi̱mba, kukani̱ya, kugbaatikani̱ya, kusaalukana. [], [ person], [8.2.5Big area], [ a larger degree], [8.2Big], [8.2.3Thick], [], [ container, volume], [], [8.2.4Wide]