kukola v. 1do, act, work, make [], [6.6Occupation], [6Work and occupation], [], [6.1Work], [9.1.2Do] 2solve [ a problem], [], [] 3cultivate; plough [6.6.6Working with land], [ a field], [ a field], [6.2.4Tend a field], [6.2.3Plant a field], [6.2.1Growing crops], [6.2.2Land preparation]

kukolangana v. cooperate; work together [], [ with], [ relationship], [4.2.1Come together, form a group], [4.1.5Unity], [6.6Occupation], [6.1Work], [ with someone]
kukolela v. work for [6.9.2Work for someone], [6.6Occupation], [6.1Work]
kukoluwa v. be made [], []
kukoluwa muntu v. be man-made; artificially made [], [6.1.6Made by hand], [6.1.7Artificial]
kukoluwa ngalo v. be hand made [6.1.6Made by hand]
ku̱koleesi̱ya v. use []
kwekolela v. work for yourself [], [, alone], [6.6Occupation], [], [6.1Work]